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Thursday 20 October
10 am CET

Wondering who is selling your products online and how?

Join our free webinar with Maurice Lacroix and hear about their tried & tested strategy!

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Knowing who is selling your products online is a great challenge for many companies. Today’s digital world has empowered businesses to expand their reach and increase their sales, but it has also opened the doors to offenders, who are taking advantage of brand reputation by selling products without consent within new channels and, or markets.

During this session, our experts will explain:

The different online distribution problems your company might be facing including grey market, parallel imports, unauthorized distributors, and non-compliant resellers.
The threats associated with poor visibility of those threats online.
The Solutions to monitor who is selling your products online and in which channels.
Maurice Lacroix’s success story in these situations.
Alongside our special guest Maurice Lacroix

Things you will learn:

Grey market distribution can be an issue for brands operating in a variety of different industries including fashion, cosmetics, beauty, sporting goods, luxury goods, and many more.
Deeper knowledge about what Grey Markets are, and how they can damage your brand online.
How to be sure that online distributors are complaint with your distribution agreements.
Full visibility of who is selling your products online to develop a better commercial strategy.