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How to stop piracy on Telegram

November 29, 2022

Discover how anti piracy solutions are helping content owners and broadcasters stop piracy on instant messaging and social networks, with effective, scalable protection.

Do you want to know if your brand is at risk online?
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Telegram is now the second most used instant messaging app worldwide. The cloud-based mobile and desktop app has attracted more than 700-million users as of October 2022, according to the latest social platform analysis conducted by Kepios, We Are Social, and Hootsuite (via DataReportal.com). The popular app has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times via the Google Play Store.

In fact, this service is now ranked as the eighth most used globally, only surpassed by Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, Tiktok, and Facebook Messenger. As it grows in popularity, it can also be easily used for illicit activities related to content piracy infringements (copyright), brand abuse, and even the distribution of counterfeit products.

Its user-friendly approach makes it even more appealing. Either individual users or shady organizations can create channels or groups (private or public) boosted by bots to offer entire catalogs of movies, TV shows, soap operas, series, documentaries, books, magazines, newspapers in PDF formats or even software, while also using brand names and logos, or their graphic ad campaigns / identification as their own which has made scalable anti piracy technology a core factor in the fight to stop piracy.

What’s the typical infringement, and how does Telegram respond?

Our Smart Protection anti piracy technology and our analysts are equipped and instructed to capture, analyze, and enforce these kinds of infringements with a successful elimination ratio of over 95%.

A typical case of copyright infringement can be easily found by searching for the names of a certain movie, TV show or series, the title of a book or keywords linked to it. You’ll find either groups or channels, most of them public that lead you to private ones, and then you have the option to directly watch the video, download it to your cell phone or PC and/or click on a link that will lead you to a website that hosts the unauthorized content, sometimes at the risk of sharing your personal information.

When it comes to cases of brand abuse, any given company, no matter if it’s local, national, or global, can be impersonated by the use of their logo or name to identify a group or channel or by the creation and distribution of posts that promote unauthorized services (like IPTV, VOD, CCCAM, streaming through websites) and/or the selling of fake/counterfeit products, by asking for your personal information or leading you to rogue site domains that use your brand’s name and graphic identity without authorization.

Telegram has become more responsive during the past couple of years and has started to delete groups, channels and messages when reported by law enforcement authorities, anti piracy companies or stakeholders via email, though constant monitoring is becoming increasingly required for proper content and brand protection. It is a significant challenge to stop piracy since it’s easy for these groups and channels to reappear under different names and become active again.

Enforcement actions are backed up by law authorities

This is one of the main reasons why the European Commission included Telegram in its Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List back in December 2020, due to the increased detection of illegal streaming, unauthorized content sharing through direct downloads or through links to external sources, as well as the promotion of unlicensed IPTV services and the unauthorized use of brand names and logos in the process.

Earlier this month, Italian authorities executed a seizure order against 545 channels and eight channel administrators, according to a TorrentFreak report. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers were obtaining free access but being monetized through e-commerce site referrals or sponsorship systems.

Back in September, the High Court in Delhi (India) ordered Telegram to contribute to anti piracy measures, demanding that they share personal details of copyright-infringing users with rights holders and, despite concerns of privacy and freedom of speech allegations, the court’s decision prevailed, according to a Medianama.com report.

It´s time to go after pirate content with scalable anti piracy technology

If you’re a content creator/owner, a live broadcaster or a brand owner who hasn’t heard of anti piracy solutions, or that has attempted to stop piracy without the support of scalable AI and machine learning technology, this is the time to stop losing revenue due to the lack of content or brand protection for your digital assets online, particularly on Telegram.

A professional approach to stop piracy by hiring a seasoned, experienced intermediary that has a relationship with search engine, social media and marketplace networks, will work faster for your interests and will do more for the financial stability of your business.

You might be surprised with the amount of data and example cases that can be found on Telegram through a simple monitoring exercise performed by an advanced AI and machine learning technology, as well as the  experience of our anti piracy and brand protection analysts. We are ready to customize our efforts to meet your needs with the right strategy in terms of capture, analysis, and enforcement of multiple types of infringements to stop piracy and the various forms of brand abuse. 

Author: Francisco Vega - Smart Protection

Do you want to know if your brand is at risk online?
Talk to an expert

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