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Marketplace Protection

Detect and act against fakes and unauthorized distributors on digital marketplaces .

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Marketplaces in numbers

Digital marketplaces drive more sales and revenue than any other e-commerce channel, so, it's little surprise that so many brands and resellers can be found promoting goods to global audiences. 

$4.9 trillion 

global e-commerce revenue in 2021, 67% of which came through marketplaces 


of consumers named marketplaces as their preferred online shopping channel

1.9 million 

sellers are active on just one of the world's most popular marketplaces

3 most common threats on marketplaces 

The vast number of resellers and the enormous range of products found on marketplaces has made it increasingly difficult to control the threats which exist and emerge on these platforms. 

Those looking to exploit such complexities for their own financial gains are employing increasingly sophisticated methods to avoid detection and to mislead unsuspecting shoppers.  

Fake branded products

made of low-quality materials which negatively impact revenue and reputation are sold in many marketplaces, deceiving consumers, and exposing brands to negative customer experiences.  
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Misaligned sales strategy

as resellers do not respect all the predefined contractual agreements regarding pricing, stock, image, etc.  
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Gray markets

where official products are sold by unapproved resellers or via parallel imports, often due to surplus or stolen stock. 
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Want to know if your products are protected?

And if your online product strategy is aligned in all marketplaces and respected by your resellers and distributors? 
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We are here to help

Our relationships with digital marketplaces around the world allow us to detect and remove infringements quickly and efficiently. 

Wondering what you could achieve by choosing Smart Protection to manage your counterfeit protection needs?

Gain 360º visibility

of your brand, products, resellers, and even your competitors and gain valuable insights 

Reclaim lost sales 

Detect and delist fakes within minutes thanks to our special marketplace agreements 

Safeguard your reputation

We take down 95%+ of detected infringements, removing fakes, and listings which break contractual agreements 

Manage everything in one platform

Discover the threats

which exist and emerge throughout your contracted marketplaces in our secure, user-friendly platform.

Analyse detected results

with the option to filter by the marketplace, seller, product listing, or by detection date. Take direct action in the platform or make decisions about your online strategy with all the information you can access. You can even automate processes to delist those that infringe on your products or brand.

Keep a record

Keep a record of the detected results so you can access all your historical data, with many actionable options.  

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Where we protect

We monitor and protect brands and their products across 200+ marketplaces worldwide, this allows our clients to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by these platforms.

Is your brand at risk?
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