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Realize your full potential by keeping brand abuse under control with our cross-channel brand protection solution. 

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What is a brand infringement?

A brand infringement is the unauthorized use of it´s intellectual property by third parties. This illicit activity seeks to capitalize on the success of an authentic brand for their own benefit, harming product sales and damaging brand reputation.

The issue is widespread within Google search results, digital marketplaces, and social networks, yet many brands are blissfully unaware of the threat, or the damage it can cause to their business. These are the main risks associated with online brand abuse: 

Reduces brand value

low-quality and low-cost imitations negatively impact consumer perception. 

Damages brand reputation

unsatisfactory experiences associated with your brand.

Stunts brand growth

reduces sales and revenue and hampers growth and expansion plans. 

Is your brand at risk online?

The only way to be sure if your brand is at risk online is through 24/7 cross-channel monitoring. If a brand infringement is detected then the process of analyzing and managing brand enforcement in-house can be both laboursome and time consuming. But don't panic, help is at hand in the form of brand protection software.
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Your benefits, our promise

For a small investment you can achieve BIG results. Our online brand protection software is already trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide. 

Wondering what you could achieve by choosing Smart Protection to manage your brand enforcement needs?

Full visibility

remove the guesswork from your brand protection strategy. 

Safeguard and growth

reclaim lost sales and remove fakes for future customers. 

Total peace of mind

pass all your brand enforcement needs to the experts.

Real problems. Real solutions

We provide two forms of brand protection which keep our customers safe online:

Brand impersonation protection

This relates to the use of a registered trademark on the internet without the trademark owner’s consent. This is carried out to deceive consumers about the origin or provenance of the products or services on offer. 

Rogue website removal

Rogue websites mimic the design, look, and feel of an official brand site with the aim of deceiving visitors in relation to its authenticity. Here, online shoppers are likely to find fake branded goods and may even fall victim to fraud. 

Brand protection in 3-steps

Our automated brand protection software provides you with full visibility of your brand throughout not only the distribution channels in which you operate, but also in those you don´t. We utilize the latest AI and machine learning technology, adapted to suit your individual business needs to successfully eliminate the threats. 

We detect

brand infringements, filtering vast amounts of information through big data processes. 

We analyze

and categorize them based on the threat they pose to prioritize their elimination. 

We eliminate

95%+ of infringements quickly and efficiently with our powerful brand protection software.
Domains, marketplaces, websites, search engines, ecommerce and social networks.Domains, marketplaces, websites, search engines, ecommerce and social networks.Domains, marketplaces, websites, search engines, ecommerce and social networks.

Cross-channel brand enforcement

As members of Google's Trusted Copyright Removal Program (TCRP) and our special relationships with the main digital marketplaces and social networks, we act quickly and efficiently to deliver brand enforcement, limiting the impact that cases of brand misuse have on your sales revenue and brand reputation.

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Trusted by great companies

Hundreds of brands worldwide already trust Smart Protection

Being protected by Smart Protection helps to increase consumer confidence in our brand and products. Our customers know that when shopping online at their preferred marketplace, they will be purchasing an authentic product.
José Gimeno
E-commerce and Social Manager, GOBIK
Working with Smart Protection has been a great help in detecting and reducing the illegal use of Lumion around the world. To date, thousands of illegal activities have been addressed, meaning that both Lumion and its customers are less likely to be exposed to malware and other malicious software.
Dimitris Sifakis
Technical Support Specialist, Lumion
Smart Protection is a great partner for us at Riot Games Europe, providing exactly the level of service we expect when it comes to protecting our properties: good communication, adaptable offers, fast reaction, and end to end delivery".
Romain Bigeard
Business Development Manager, Riot Games
League of Legends, European Championship
We would recommend Smart Protection to other music acts who want to protect their brand against online counterfeiters. Smart Protection are very responsive, thorough and professional and we know our brand is in the very best of hands.
Sil Willcox
Business Manager, The Stranglers
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