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Fake Website removal and Domain Protection

Safeguard your brand, products, and shoppers against rogue sites and domain infringements.

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What is a rogue website and domain infringements?

Rogue sites are fake websites which are designed to imitate the look and feel of an authentic site, often achieved through the illicit use of logos, images, design features, colors, domain names, and content.

They are created with the intention of deceiving unsuspecting shoppers, for one of two main purposes:

Selling fake branded products
Stealing personal and financial information

These fake websites also include domain infringements, using the brand name somewhere on the website.

3 most common threats on rogue websites

Rogue websites appear in Google search results and are promoted through social networks. Consumers often let their guard down when using familiar platforms which they use habitually putting them at greater risk.

The sale of counterfeit goods

which negatively impact official sales revenue.
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Consumers believe they are shopping with the official brand

driving negative reviews and ratings.
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The theft of personal data and other scams

damages your brand and impacts business growth.
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Are fake websites damaging your sales and brand reputation?

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We are here to help

As members of Google's Trusted Copyright removal program (TCRP), and thanks to our relationships with social networks, we are able to detect and remove infringements quickly and efficiently.

If you have seen fake sites which imitate the look and feel of your website, or suspect that your brand may be at risk then we can help:

Gain 360º visibility

of the threats which exist and emerge online

Reclaim lost sales 

by removing fake sites which facilitate the sale of counterfeits

Safeguard your reputation

We take down 95%+ of detected infringements

Manage everything in one platform

Discover fake websites

which exist and emerge online in our secure, user-friendly platform.

Take direct action

or make decisions about your online strategy with all the information you can access. You can even automate processes to remove infringements quickly and efficiently.

24/7 access

to all your historical data.

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How to identify a rogue website

Despite widespread belief that fake websites are easy to identify, this is not always the case. Sophisticated rogue websites can be complicated to detect, even for the trained eye, but here are five of the most common signs:

Security icon

SSL certificate

Check for the lock symbol in your web browser, if it is absent then proceed with caution.

Domain Icon

Suspicious domain name

Look out for misspelt words in the URL, or additional words applied such as outlet, sales, or discount.

Page links

Social icons may not link correctly, and legal documents may be missing or contain incorrect information.

Sale icon

Unusual pricing

Does product pricing onsite may seem too good to be true, or prices are not rounded up or down?

Basket quantity

Shoppers can only add items to their basket if they have sufficient stock, fake sites rarely have these limitations.

Is your brand at risk?
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