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distribution control

Monitor where your products are sold and by which seller with our cross-channel tracking solution, giving you greater control of your online distribution.

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What is Gray Market?

Gray markets refer to a distribution channel which has not been authorized by the brand or manufacturer of that product. Therefore, the product is authentic, but it has been acquired in a non-compliant manner. This can happen when approved sellers trade items in unauthorized distribution channels or markets or when unauthorized resellers acquire authentic goods in one region and trade them in another. Gray markets can occur because authorized sellers clean their unwanted stock, stolen goods, or due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Gray Market vendors take advantage of the lack of online sales control many brands have.

Is your Online Distribution at risk?

The only way to be sure how your products are being distributed online, and if you are experiencing any gray market issues is to monitor not only the digital channels in which you operate, but also those you don't. This gives you full visibility of your products throughout markets at home and abroad, taking the guesswork out of your distribution strategy.
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Your benefits, our promise

For a small investment you can achieve BIG results. Our Gray Market distribution tracking solutions are already trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide.

Wondering what you could achieve by choosing Smart Protection to manage your distribution channels?

Greater control

of who is selling your products online. Map your authorized sellers and identify unauthorized ones, giving you the power to stop any threats and protect your sales and brand reputation.

Gain valuable insights

obtain strategic information about your product positioning and sellers to facilitate smarter decision-making.

Enforcement options

act against non-compliant distributors and unauthorized listings within gray markets, from first notices to more severe penalties.

Distribution control in 3-steps

Our automated, distribution tracking software provides you with full visibility of your product sales throughout digital distribution channels. We utilize the latest AI and machine learning technology, adapted to suit your individual business needs.


distributors and detect seller listings on a cross-channel approach for greater visibility and control over discrepancies in your distributor agreements.


the impact of your sellers' and any gray market activity which you are exposed to with real-time data, accessible through our secure, user-friendly cloud-based platform.


against these threats by requesting to stop non-compliant sales or making direct contact with your distributors and third parties to ensure that they honour their contractual agreements.

distribution control

We monitor your product distributors throughout digital marketplaces for your peace of mind.

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Trusted by great companies

Hundreds of brands worldwide already trust Smart Protection

Being protected by Smart Protection helps to increase consumer confidence in our brand and products. Our customers know that when shopping online at their preferred marketplace, they will be purchasing an authentic product."
José Gimeno
E-commerce and Social Manager, GOBIK
El Deseo´s mission is to preserve the work of Pedro Almodovar, ensuring that the viewer consumes the content as it was intended. For this reason, piracy has been one of our greatest concerns. For years we have trusted Smart Protection to protect our catalog, and they understand the importance of controlling the unauthorized distribution of our works." 
Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar
Financial Director, El Deseo
Smart Protection is a great partner for us at Riot Games Europe, providing exactly the level of service we expect when it comes to protecting our properties: good communication, adaptable offers, fast reaction, and end to end delivery".
Romain Bigeard
Business Development Manager, Riot Games

Is your brand at risk?
Find out now

Leave your details and one of our experts will contact you soon.

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