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Grey Market monitoring

Discover the importance of online sales control 
with Maurice Lacroix

Watch now!

In this webinar we dived deep into the world of online sales monitoring and control, analysing the challenges which companies face in an increasingly digital environment.

During this session, our experts will explain:

The different online distribution problems your company might be facing including grey market, parallel imports, unauthorized distributors, and non-compliant resellers.
The threats associated with poor visibility of those threats online.
The Solutions to monitor who is selling your products online and in which channels.
Maurice Lacroix’s success story in these situations.
You can catch the full recording:

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The Speakers

Our webinar was hosted by our Global Brand Protection Expert, and a leading figure from global luxury watch brand Maurice Lacroix.

Elsa Dufresne - Maurice Lacroix

Elsa Dufresne

Regional Sales Manager
Maurice Lacroix
Smart Protection not only allows us to detect and analyse fake or illicit listings online, but also other networks and platforms which are unauthorised sellers of Maurice Lacroix products.”
Enrique Mon - Smart Protection

Enrique Mon

Sales Director
Smart Protection
Currently 20% of global retail sales are already being conducted within 
e-commerce platforms. The strategy that companies may have implemented may not be followed, and therefore monitoring is required in order to understand, and make sure that whatever is defined from a company's perspective is later implemented in the online ecosystem.”

Maurice Lacroix
The Swiss luxury watch brand was founded in 1975 and has since won numerous awards and patents for their unique and innovative designs, creativity, and craftsmanship. It is this “passion for progress” that lies at the heart of the brand´s culture.