Ecommerce Monitoring: Gain a total vision of your products online

Understand your digital distribution landscape with accurate and updated information about who and in which conditions your products are sold online

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A full overview of your Digital market
with Ecommerce Monitoring

If you're looking for a way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your online business, eliminating blind spots, stay informed of any potential threats, we have the solution for you. With Ecommerce Monitoring you'll enjoy complete visibility of your brand and products across key online distribution channels like marketplaces and eCommerces.

 Online distribution problems impact your business! Does this sound familiar?

As online shopping gains popularity, companies encounter challenges from the emergence of new selling channels and a resulting lack of visibility into their own online distribution channels.

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Noncompliant resellers

Dealing with resellers who violate distribution policies, resulting in counterfeit products, poor customer service, and gray market activities.
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Low visibility

Into reseller pricing practices, making it difficult to manage unauthorized sellers and address pricing discrepancies in international marketplaces.
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Increased risk

Jeopardize relationships with authorized distributors and brand reputation.
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Poor insight

Difficulty in gaining insight into online brand and product trade, which can lead to missed growth opportunities.

Our tech, your benefits

Our Ecommerce Monitoring empower you gaining these benefits:

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360º Visibility

Who is selling your products, where they are being sold, what pricing strategy is being practiced, and how they are being described across different channels.
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Gain control

Quickly uncover any infractions and take action to ensure that your brand reputation is safe and your profits are secured.
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Higher growth

Gain valuable insights and spot new ways to optimize your digital footprint and grow your business.
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Save time

by automating online retail monitoring and protection processes.

Wondering a whole vision of your online distribution?

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Artificial Intelligence powered platform

AI is a powerful tool that can help companies scan their online presence in real-time and take immediate action when necessary. This technology is embedded in our DNA, and we make it available to brands in order to help them thrive in the digital era.

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Automatic SEO and SEM analysis Brand

By utilizing intelligent search algorithms and machine learning, our search system can quickly analyze the results to uncover new opportunities and insights.

This analysis can feed back into the search system, allowing it to continuously refine its performance and accuracy.
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NPL and computer vision

We analyze each text captured with Natural Language processing to gain valuable insights.

Computer vision is used to track logos anywhere in the world and analyze images to identify patterns.
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Cyber threat identification

An intelligent rules engine helps us quickly detect cyber threats and apply each brand's risk policies.

Risk verification and validation allow our machine learning models to learn and identify patterns, providing greater accuracy and faster response times.

The Smart Protection platform empowers businesses to take control of their digital distribution channels with comprehensive overviews and easy-to-use features.

The interface presents key information in a clear and actionable format, allowing users to quickly identify potential policy violations and take enforcement measures.


All channels tracking assured

We monitor your third-party product sales throughout any search engines, social networks, and digital marketplaces for your peace of mind.

Trusted by great companies

Hundreds of brands worldwide already trust Smart Protection

From my perspective, the platform is extremely effective. Initially, we fought against pages which copied our look and feel, with the intention of deceiving users. We closed one page, and five more would appear. With the help of Smart Protection, we now eliminate all infringements within 24 hours."
Begona Lanz
Head of Marketplace at Pikolinos
pikolinos logo
Working with Smart Protection has been a great help in detecting and reducing the illegal use of Lumion around the world. To date, thousands of illegal activities have been addressed, meaning that both Lumion and its customers are less likely to be exposed to malware and other malicious software.
Dimitris Sifakis
Technical Support Specialist, Lumion
Smart Protection is a great partner for us at Riot Games Europe, providing exactly the level of service we expect when it comes to protecting our properties: good communication, adaptable offers, fast reaction, and end to end delivery".
Romain Bigeard
Business Development Manager, Riot Games
League of Legends, European Championship
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